Who is CloudKeep?

CloudKeep is a consultancy focused on using AWS from a different perspective.

We serve start-ups and small to medium IT teams.

While we have the world-class smarts and expertise in AWS, we are not looking to serve fortune 500 companies to solve their enterprise specific issues. Rather, we look to serve smaller organizations who may have similar challenges, but need to approach them with a perspective that's different from that of large enterprises.

For example, we focus on cost-efficiency and speed of execution.

Our secondary goal is to draw upon our experiences to identify the problems that our customers share. And leverage our expertise to create and share articles and tools that focus on such problems.

Our Principal Consultant is Shinichi Urano, Ph.D. Shnichi is a physicist turned IT techie turned entrepreneur. He's been working with AWS technologies since 2008, and has helped numerous organizations leverage AWS's massive technology stack.

Shinichi is also a five star rated AWS IQ Expert. You can see his profile and his reviews here.