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CloudKeep provides a set of interactive infographic cards that deliver actionable insights about your AWS environments.

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AWS cloud with a magnifying glass
What's in the Cards for You?

CloudKeep collects information across all of your AWS accounts and regions, and gives you consolidated information that is otherwise difficult to obtain. This is all presented in easy to understand interactive cards in a dashboard. See below for what we have right now. (And yes, we'll be adding more!)

Snapshot status video placeholder

How often do you snap?

Do you use AWS Backup or any of the other various tools for scheduling EBS Snapshot based backups?

CloudKeep gives you a birds eye view of how you're covered, and how your schedules are working out. Quickly dive in to see if you have any volumes that do not have any snapshots. Or identify those that have not been snapshotted for a long time.

Do you have any orphans?

If you've been using AWS for a while, you know sometimes you want to keep EBS volumes after you terminate the EC2 instance. (That's why there's an option for that!) But we don't always remember to keep track of these detached EBS volumes and clean them up, or perhaps migrate them to less costly storage.

With this card CloudKeep makes this house cleaning chore simple. We'll show you if you have any EBS volumes that are not attached to any instances. Often we can even show you how long it's been that way!

EBS detached volumes dashboard
Public snapshots dashboard

Are you exposed?

EBS snapshots are private by default. But sometimes, they can be set as public by mistake. According to a recent TechCrunch article, over a thousand snapshots may be unintentionally public.

This card will let you quickly discover all of your snapshots marked as public. You can easily review if these are meant to be public or if you should click through and mark them as private.

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