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CloudKeep Report is a free reporting tool that gives you a hierarchical, block-storage-centric view of your AWS resources.

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Our customers are asking...

How much storage do I have?

... and how are they allocated across...

Are you the type that wants to be on top of your resources?

CloudKeep gives you views of how much storage you have allocated based on many different criteria. For the first time, you can easily see how much storage you actually have, and where.

Is all my storage protected?

Ever wonder if your snapshot schedules cover all of your workloads? Are you sure they are meeting your SLA? And do they protect you against all the threats? Can someone in your organization introduce new workloads that go unnoticed?

CloudKeep lets you define policies and reports back to you to make sure everything is protected to your specifications.


Do I need all this storage?

Do you know if any of your volumes are under/over-provisioned? Or perhaps you have volumes that are not being used? And what about the snapshots? Do you have too much? Or perhaps not enough?

CloudKeep gives you views and actionable insights that will help you save money.

Get these insights in just a few clicks.

We're launching CloudKeep Report in Private Beta soon.
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