Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does CloudKeep access my AWS account(s)?

    In our UI, we ask that you register your accounts by creating IAM roles that gives us read-only access to your account. We leverage CloudFormation to make the process of creating this role very simple. After you launch the CloudFormation stack through a link on our UI, the IAM role is created, and its idnetifier is transmitted to CloudKeep.

    Note we follow the principle of least-privileges, so the role that is being created has the minimum set of privileges needed to gather the data we organize for you. The CloudFormation details can be found here

  • Is there a support plan for CloudKeep Dashboard?

    Right now, please reach out at with any problems you are seeing. We do not have an official support plan at the moment, but we will certainly consider it if/when warranted. Also, we will evolve this page into a Knowledge Base over time.

  • I have some ideas and feedback. How do I reach you?

    That's great - we are all ears! Please reach out to or to with your comments. We hope to hear from you!

  • Why is CloudKeep Dashboard reporting more EBS volumes than I have?

    This is almost always the result of the fact that CloudKeep scans across all accounts and regions. Please use the filter feature to narrow the scan to a single account and/or region to check this.

    If you do see a disparity, please do reach out to so that we can investigate.

  • What other ways can I save money?

    There are many ways! We offer consulting service to reduce your spend while maintaining your value from the cloud. Please see services for more info.

  • What's next for CloudKeep?

    Right now, our plan is to create a solution in the AWS backup space. While we know of existing solutions (including AWS Backup - which is free) - we think we can actually create a solution that will be even more cost-efficient for our customers. And one of our differentiators will be in having a backup policy that will automatically backup detached volumes so that managing these become easier. Please stay tuned!