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Sep 2, 2019 in CloudKeep
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About CloudKeep

If you’ve been using AWS, and in particular EC2 instances for a while, you have likely had to ask yourself questions like these:

  • Just how much EBS storage do I have across all of my AWS accounts and AWS regions?

  • Are my EBS volumes being backed up regularly? Do I have any gaps?

  • Do I have any EBS volumes that are no longer attached to any EC2 instance and are getting stale (while costing money)?

  • Do I have any EBS snapshots (backups) that are public (possibly leaking sensitive information)?

Our product gives you an easy and fast way to scan across all of your AWS accounts and regions, and provides easy-to-digest, infographic-like cards like this one:

Snapshot dashboard

And perhaps best of all, you can get these for absolutely no cost to you.

Private Beta - Calling Early Adopters!

We will be launching our initial set of cards at the end of September, 2019.

This will be a private beta launch - the initial number of users will be limited so we can make sure we listen to all the feedback and incorporate changes before we expand our user base.

So, if you think these insights would be valuable to you and your organization, and you would like to provide feedback to improve our product, please sign up now!

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Shinichi Urano

Shinichi is the Founder of CloudKeep - where he obsesses with other tech veterans on creating storage centric solutions that save money for AWS customers.

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