Hourly Cost of AWS EBS is the highest in February

Mar 4, 2020 in CloudKeep
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Now that we all have our AWS bill for February (I’m sure we all studied it carefully!) - here’s one thing you may find either obvious or surprising - the hourly cost of EBS changes from month to month.

And it’s the most expensive in February.

I once guessed that when they said that gp2 EBS price is $0.10 per GB-month, that meant $0.10 per GB-730.5-hours. (Since, arguably, the “canonical” number of hours per month is 365.25 days x 24 hours / 12 months = 730.5 hours.) Or, about $0.0001369 per GB-hour.

But the example on the AWS pricing page makes it clear that it’s actually is per the month that you are using the storage.

So, here are the actual hourly prices based on the number of days in a month:

Yes, it’s obvious if you think about it. But I do find it strange that if you were to use some EBS storage for a day in a (non-leap) February, you would pay almost 11% higher than if you did that in January!

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