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Oct 2, 2019 in CloudKeep
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I’m very happy to announce that we have now launched CloudKeep beta with the introduction of three cards that are focused on AWS EBS.

We aim to offer clear and actionable insights into your AWS resources across all your accounts and all your regions. And we’ve decided to start with a focus on AWS block storage where we have a great deal of expertise.

Here’s a quick rundown on what these cards do:

1. Snapshot Coverage Report

EBS Snapshot Status There are many tools out there to schedule and automate the taking of snapshots to protect your EBS volumes. However, these still need to be configured.

And as your organization grows, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of what volumes are protected, and how often.

Our Snapshot Coverage Report shows you, at a glance, all your EBS volumes and whether a snapshot exists for each of them. And for those that have at least one snapshot, we also show you the time of the latest snapshot. This way, you have an idea of how frequently the snapshots are taken. (I.e., how well protected you are!)

2. Detached Volume Report

Detached EBS Volumes Sometimes you want an EBS volume to survive past the life of an EC2 instance. So, you allow the EBS volumes to exist in a “detached” state. The idea is that they will be attached to another EC2 instance at a later point in time.

But plans change, and sometimes we forget about these EBS volumes. And that means these detached volumes basically become really expensive static storage!

Our Detached Volume Report gives you a view to see all of these detached volumes. Often we can also determine when they were detached, so you can see if any of these volumes should be removed or migrated to less costly storage.

3. Public Snapshot Report

Public Snapshots Dashboard This was a last-minute addition to our set of cards. Quite recently, an article came out on TechCrunch that describes a pretty serious misconfiguration that can expose data on AWS EBS Snapshots. We read this article with interest as this was based on EBS snapshots.

Our Public Snapshot Report allows you to check and see if you have any of these misconfigured snapshots in your AWS accounts. If you see anything here, and especially if it’s been public for a while, you would want to take some remedial actions.

What’s next

We are eagerly waiting to hear from our users on what to add next. Some of the ideas we have are:

  • Tag-based filtering of the reports

  • EBS Snapshot Usage Report (How many snapshots do you have, and how much space are they taking?)

  • EBS Volume Usage Report (How much of the allocated blocks are actually in use?)

  • File-level inventory of Snapshots

We believe these insights would be valuable to you and your organization.

We’d love for you to try them out, and give us ideas on what other cards might be useful for you. Please sign up for the beta access now!

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